Honesty Is Our Policy

Patriot HVAC Services is committed to providing our customers with the best quality HVAC service at affordable prices. Most of all, we promise integrity and honesty every time we make a service call.

Unlike many of our larger competitors, we do not “stretch the truth” when we diagnose a failing HVAC system. If it’s possible to fix the equipment safely and effectively, we recommend repair. Our ability to fix instead of replace helps our customers save money. We appreciate the trust and respect this philosophy earns.

Residential Service

From service calls and preventive maintenance to unit change-outs and new construction, Patriot HVAC Services can do it all. We specialize in friendly, fast, and trustworthy service for our residential customers.

With over 9 years experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and know-how to each home. When we diagnose a system, we first look for a way to repair it and save our customer money.

If a system is beyond repair, we work with our customers to determine the best replacement to fit their budget. As an independent American Standard Heating & Cooling dealer, we have access to the best HVAC equipment on the market.

Give us a call today at (903) 271-6971 to find out why your friends and neighbors prefer Patriot HVAC Services!

Commercial Service

As Patriot HVAC Services grows, we have branched into light commercial projects. We install new HVAC systems with local home builders into their new construction.

With larger projects on the horizon, we are committed to maintaining the quality and integrity our customers have come to expect. No matter how big or small your job, you will get the best service North Texas has to offer.